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Our Activities – What we have done

We have a very active program, and are always coming up with new things to do. We always ask our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts what they would like to do at the start of the year and then try to cover all the things during the course of the year.

Recently we have:

Camped – built fires – made stilts – made maps of the local area and planned ambushes on each other – learnt about the trees around us – been fishing – held a pet day (which included chickens, hamsters, an iguana, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and a tortoise) – taken car engines to pieces – invented new games – made posters about scouting – participated in church parades – gone sailing – built shelters – shot at targets with bows and arrows - gone horse riding etc.

Who runs the Sections:

Sue Cockram runs the Beaver Colony supported by Conrad Jooste
Lizzie Allinson runs the Cubs supported by Sue Styles and Alan (The Gaffer) Fairley
Richard and Deborah Knight lead the Scouts

Chris Brown is the Group Lead Scout who manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

We also have a great deal of very welcome help from parents.

When and where do we meet?

Cubs meet every Monday during school term time from 6:15 to 7:45pm.
Scouts meet every Wednesday during term from 7pm to 9pm.
Beavers meet every Thursday evening during term from 5.30pm to 6.45pm.
We have our own hut on the edge of Churt.

How many Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are there in our group?

This changes all the time but at the time of writing this there are 14 Beavers, 14 cubs and 8 Scouts.

How can you join us?

If you want to join our group or have any questions or suggestions– please call Chris on 01428 712122 or 07973 431510.

We suggest that you come along to a few meetings and see if you like what we do and like our group. If you then think you would like to join us every week then you can sign up, get the uniform and be "Invested" into the scout movement. (An investiture is a ceremony held to welcome you into the Scouts and particularly into our Group.)

How much does it cost?

There is a membership fee of £30 per term. After that most of our activities are free. However we do go out to special events once or twice a term and these may require a payment of up to £10. We are very grateful to the many visitors who come to talk to us and show us their skills free of charge. If your parents feel that they know or do something that the cubs would enjoy learning about, please ask them to contact Chris to tell him more.

How old do you have to be?

You need to be between 6 and 8 to be a Beaver Scout, 8 and around 10½ years old to be part of the Cub Scouts and 10½ to 14 to be a Scout

Do you have to live in Churt to go to the Churt Scouts?

No, but it helps to join a local group. Going to a local group helps support the local community and strengthens it. It also shortens the trips for your parents when they deliver you and collect you from the meetings. However if all your friends already come to Churt Scouts then come and join them.


Come and talk to us, see what we do and see if you feel that you will be able to participate in our activities. As long as we can include you safely in what we do you will be very welcome to come and join us.

Where do you get your uniform?

Don’t get a uniform until you are happy to join us. When you are ready, there are two local shops that hold stock of uniforms:

Farnham District Scout Shop

3rd Farnham Scout HQ,

Long Garden Walk,



Open during the school term Thursday 6 to 8 pm, Saturday 9:30 to Noon

See more at the Shop web site:

Shop Manager 01252-712180 E mail,

Badge Secretary 01252-722009 E mail

A more limited stock is held at:

Frensham Garden Centre

Camping World

The Reeds Road




GU10 3BP

t. 01252 792 545


We will provide you with your Cub Scout Scarf and your first badges.



When is a good time to become a Cub Scout?

As soon as you turn 8 years old! But if you cannot wait until then why not join the Beavers at 6 years old?



To old to be a cub but want to help?

Come and join us! You do not need to be a parent of one of the cubs to help out. If you have any spare time and want to see what you can do – give Chris a call and he will tell you all about it – even if you are not able to help every week – the occasional helping hand is always welcome.


Duke Of Edinburgh Awards.

If you want to gain experience in helping out and running social activities for your Duke of Edinburgh award – again give Chris a call.


Local businesses and trades.

We are very keen to learn from our neighbours and particularly from people who work with their hands, with animals, with local groups etc. We would welcome offers to come and show us what you do or invitations to come and visit you. Think of all the things that fascinated you as a child and if you think your interests would interest 6 to 14 year olds please call.



Other useful links: - This site will tell you about other local Scout Groups this site will tell you about other Local Scout Districts this is the home of scouting in the UK



The group management:

The 1st Churt Scout Group Management Committee Chairman is Tom Viveash,

Myra Johnson is Treasurer and

Bill Fresson is Secretary (01428 712208).



Any more questions?

If you have any further questions do give us a call – we will answer what we can or will point you in the right direction.